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Coffee Silk Pillowcase
100% pure coffee silk pillowcase is soft and breathable, making it a great choice for bedding. Since silk is a natural fiber, it's an ideal choice for bedding sets that include quilts, coverlets, pillowcases and shams. Natural silk fibers can promote better sleep by being super soft, easy to clean, and hypoallergenic. Mommesilk carries 100% coffee silk pillowcase for standard, queen, and king pillows. High quality offee silk pillowcase is great for any life stage, from pure plain prints and shapes for all kinds of home decor. Mommesilk carries a wide variety of silk pillowcases in coffee, white and blue color, you're sure to find one that matches your style! There are many benefits to using a 100% coffee silk pillowcase, learn about some of them below:
Waking up covered in sweat is not a good feeling. Coffee silk pillowcase is a great choice because silk is a naturally breathable material and it doesn't trap heat beneath your covers. 100% coffee silk pillowcase breaths better than cotton options or polyester fabrics. Mulberry silk is easy to clean and it doesn't retain odors like other fabrics, meaning that you can go longer in between washes! When it's time to wash your 100% coffee silk pillowcase, the pillowcase will wash easily in a standard washing machine and come out just as soft as before.
Most 100% silk pillowcases are hypoallergenic, which make them a great option for allergy sufferers, young children, and infants. Aside from being hypoallergenic, coffee silk pillowcase is a good choice for kids bedrooms because it's easy to remove stains from the material. Unlike polyester bedding, 100% coffee silk pillowcase don't absorb oil or attract clumps of dust and dirt at the same rate. This makes cleaning up after your kids a breeze, even when you catch them jumping on the bed after playing outside! If you have sensitive skin, the softness and breathability of 100% silk pillowcases also known to reduce irritation and help promote sleep better than other fibers.
When it comes to switching out bedding between seasons, 100% coffee silk pillowcase is the ideal choice for all seasons. In hot environments, a silk pillowcase wicks moisture and stays comfortably cool against skin. Check out some of our pillowcase and duvet options to find unique options for your beach house or nautically themed home. 100% coffee silk pillowcase is a great way to stay cool and dry while you're asleep, making them a great summer bedding choice.