Who Has The Best Silk Pillowcases
Who Has The Best Silk Pillowcases

Who Has The Best Silk Pillowcases

Silk is measured in Momme, which is essentially the thread count of the fabric. The higher the Momme number, the thicker the silk and therefore better quality. Look for silk pillowcases between 19 and 25 Momme to ensure durability. Anything above 19 Momme is considered high quality, while 22 Momme silk hits the sweet spot in the middle. Meanwhile, 25 Momme is very heavy and a practical pick but offers less cooling benefits compared to 22 Mommesilk silk. How do I know if a silk pillowcase is good quality? Identify a silk pillowcases with high quality from the following five aspects.
The appearance of Mommesilk pillowcases has a pearl-like color, has the performance of diffuse refraction to light, is clean, has few impurities, and the silk road is orderly and neat; while the poor quality silk is often added with chemicals such as bleach to make its appearance. It is pale, without luster and moisturizing, with more impurities and chaotic silk road.
Mommesik pillowcaes feels smooth, smooth and elastic to the touch, without hard clumps; while inferior silk feels rough, non-flexible, and non-moisturizing. There are relatively more cocoon stems, cocoon blocks, cocoon pieces, and pupae.
Mommesilk pillowcases has a light fragrance while silk with oily or musty smell is inferior.
Silk has no flame retardancy when burned, and stops burning when it separates from the flame. After burning, it becomes loose ash, with the smell of burnt hair.
Fiber strength
The better the silk strength, the better the quality. Studies have shown that the tensile strength of super mulberry silk should be stronger than that of iron wires of the same diameter. High-quality silk has excellent recovery elasticity. Mommesilk pillowcases are made of 100% 22 Momme 6A mulberry silk which has a better strentch, while inferior silk has poor fiber properties such as strong elongation and recovery elasticity
Mommesilk mulberry silk pillowcases are hypoallergenic, temperature-regulating and provide breathable comfort for a sumptuous night's sleep. Snoozing on silk is akin to experiencing the fresh relief of flipping your pillow, which is particularly helpful for restless sleepers. This cool, smooth surface is less absorbent than a standard pillowcase, so the material won't wick moisture away from your skin overnight and that means serums, creams and overnight sleep masks sink in more efficiently. It is never too late to treat yourself with silk pillowcases.


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