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VIP Day Sale

For All Members For Believer & Super
15% Off No Minimum Use Code: Jul15 30% Off on Orders £350+ Use Code: Jul30
VIP Day Sale
For All Members
15% Off No Minimum Use Code: Jul15
For Believer & Super
30% Off on Orders £350+Use Code: Jul30
VIP Offer in May
Believer & Super
Buy Any Two, With 20% OFF
Code: MAY20
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How could I become a VIP?
A customer is free to join us by creating an account. But you may need to spend the corresponding amount within 12 months to level up. Please note that the overall spend does not include redeemed rewards, discounts, returns, and other deductions applied on valid purchases made in the previous 365 days. You will be degraded if the overall spend within 12 months is less than the standard.
How could I get the level-up bonus?
Level-up bonus will be added to your account within 3-7 business days.
How could I get the birthday month bonus?
You could email us any day within your birthday month to claim your birthday bonus. Our support team will verify your status and issue the reward for you.