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very soft

a pleasure to sleep on and the difference to my frizzy hair is superb.

Don’t buy

I bought this for £43. After 2-3 weeks of usage, the texture of the silk broke down even though I followed all the correct washing guidelines. This is an expensive single pillowcase which has no quality. I contacted the company and they thought a £15 refund would be sufficient. I would dread to think the quality of other products

My order did not arrive

I have contacted you about this and have had no satisfactory answer. I have sent a declaration of non arrival of my package with identification and have heard nothing. The package has obviously been delivered somewhere else but I have not had it! I am so upset

silk duvet

Absolutely fabulous I have mentioned this item to several friends. I love it.

Fab pillow case

Beautiful pillow case. Does what it says. Fab seller. Thank you

Not good

The sleeves were far too lang and the body too small. I tried to contact the company on many occasions to see about returning the shirt and my emails were ignored.


Material, colour, sizing all perfect. Customer service answered my question promptly and completely. Lovely soft material.


Such a shame but it’s made with a single layer of silk and the pretty, shiny (practical) side is on the outside of the cap. Unfortunately the shiny side is the bit you need against your hair to keep it from getting frizzy. The first night I wore it how it’s designed & woke up looking like I’d been pulled through a hedge backwards. The second night I turned it inside out to wear it and it worked a treat, soft bouncy curls in the morning & not an ounce of frizz. Such a shame that it looks really drab inside out and has all the elastic, hems etc showing. I can put up with it looking drab if it was finished off neat & tidy (the elastic & hems not showing).
I wouldn’t buy again due to this as for the price I wouldn’t have expected such a magnanimous error. Like I said, a shame.


I was extremely disappointed as wanted to gift in the packaging only to see it’s full of tatty stickers on the front and back impossible to remove ,unlike other brands . Did send this on instagram message but no response .

Very soft

The silk pillowcase offers a luxurious sleeping experience with its smooth texture, reducing friction on hair and skin. It's gentle on hair, minimizing breakage and frizz, while also being hypoallergenic and kind to sensitive skin. The breathable fabric helps regulate temperature, promoting a comfortable night's sleep. However, the high cost may be a deterrent for some, and proper care is essential to maintain its quality. Overall, the silk pillowcase proves to be a worthwhile investment for those seeking a blend of comfort and beauty benefits.

Luxury Fitted Draping Silk Boxer
Anthony Smith
Excellent product

Excellent product and service

Really high quality pillow case

The silk is obviously high-quality, but the seams and zipper are also done really well so they are not bothersome.

Worst purchase and service. DO NOT RECOMMEND!

Unfortunately, I cannot write a positive review. Here is my experience:

Weeks after purchasing the pyjama, I have still not received my item. Have been in the dark in terms of the logistical process and all of a sudden I receive a message that the package is delivered. No package received. After 5 email exchanges with the customer service I am not a stake further and I get the message that I need to contact the local postal courier to see where the package is. There is no ownership and no care for the customer. I have asked for a refund and currently am ignored.

It is a stressful experience to say the least and I do not recommend purchasing from Mommesilk.

Brilliant white pillowcases

These are good pillowcases with envelopes I appreciate the brilliant white as it matches white cotton duvet covers.

Great Quality

I bought x3 oversized scrunchies and x2 pillow cases. They are all lovely. Superb quality. They hold you hair well. Good elastic used. I wouldn't use anything else now but 22momme silk to put my hair up with or sleep on. Just wonderful. Yes I recommend mommesilk 100%. 5* service. Thank you mommesilk

22MM Silk Pillowcases 2pcs - Zippered
Pillow caes

Love these pillowcases, so much nicer than my last o

Just what we wanted, cannot fault it, lightweight yet warm and cosy,wonderful.

Silk pillowcase

Excellent quality and lovely and soft to sleep on.
I’m really happy with my purchase

A lovely looking top

This very attractive top unfortunately arrived badly creased. I was very surprised it had been packed in such a small envelope. The collar on one side was very creased. I have taken it to my dry cleaners who have assured me they can put it right. I sincerely hope so.


It never arrived!!!!

Very stylish white pussy bow blouse.

There is absolutely no indication of the whereabouts of the country of manufacture! Does anyone have any idea.

Feels luxurious!

This bamboo duvet cover feels great and looks great. It's very silky feeling.

Absolutely love them!

Affordable and beautiful! My bedroom looks and feels elegant!

Good deal

I love the color of these sheets. They are soft and comfortable. I was surprised they were on sale and couldn't pass up the opportunity to purchase them.

Best night-sleep, ever!

Rolled into bed and was ecstasiated in softness. Fell asleep within minutes.